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Knee pain

Knee pain is one of the most common problems in the general population. Whilst most of the time knee pain is mild and resolves on its own, it can sometimes cause a great deal of discomfort and disability and can be persistent and prolonged.


As the knee is a complex joint, the source of the knee pain can be any of the structures locally or it can sometimes even be a referred pain from the hip or the back. Hence, it is imperative that the knee is assessed thoroughly before narrowing down to a diagnosis and following with treatment.


The common causes of knee pain can be broadly classified as Inflammatory (rheumatoid arthritis, infection), Traumatic (injuries) and Degenerative (wear/tear and ageing).


The most common causes are knee injuries and arthritis.


Your doctor will assess your knee, begining with a detailed history of the problem, followed by an examination, which may include comparison with the asymptomatic other knee. Following this more information may be required which is usually obtained with an X-ray, a MR Scan or both.


Once the cause and severity of the problem has been ascertained, the treatment will be discussed with yourself. This may include non-surgical measures to stretch and strengthen muscles or surgical treatments will be discussed. It is important that the rehabilitation, outcomes and potential complications are discussed before proceeding with surgical intervention.

















Dr Vinod Kumar Abu Dhabi

Sports surgeon Abu Dhabi

Shoulder surgeon Abu Dhabi

NMC Royal Hospital


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